We are here to answer your questions and provide adviceĀ about your wine dispensers.


  • Installation of new or used wine dispensing equipment
  • Technical phone support and on-site repair service
  • Technical and user training
  • Sales and replacement of wine dispenser parts and accessories
  • Sales and implementation of Preventative Maintenance Care Program
  • Train subcontractor service providers for expanded territory coverage


Wine Dispenser Basic Troubleshooting


Make sure all bottles are properly in place, with foil cut below the lip of the bottle, and that there is a clean and clear seal between the lip of the bottle and the gasket.


Make sure daily and monthly cleaning are performed regularly.

Daily: submerge stainless steel spout in hot water for several seconds to remove any residual sugars.

Monthly: cycle 1 bottle of hot water with citric acid through the tap (follow cleaning instructions in manual for complete details)


  • Ensure the cold air intake vents are clean and free of dust and the hot air exhaust vents are unobstructed and properly maintained (refer to manual for specific instructions).
  • Please wipe off any excessive condensation from inside the wine cabinet.

Inert Gas (argon/nitrogen)

To check if there is a gas leak, simply turn the valve on the gas tank closed and watch if the gauges move. If there is no leak, the gauges will remain stable. If you notice the gauges dropping, please double check if all bottles are correctly in place, regulator and all fittings are correctly tightened and undamaged, and call 1-800-757-9041 for immediate assistance.

Please contact us for advanced troubleshooting.

Benefits of Using Bevteks

  • Trained wine dispenser service provider
  • Technical phone support
  • Scheduled and emergency services
  • Warehouse fully stocked with spareĀ parts
  • Wineemotion warranty and maintenance service
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Licensed and insured


  • On-site wine dispenser service
  • Technical phone support and troubleshooting
  • Installation and removal of systems
  • Preventative maintenance care program
  • Equipment refurbishment and relocation
  • Technical training for clients

Current Coverage

BevTeks currently provides service under Rinaldini Distribution, Inc./Wineemotion USA SPA for all 50 US States either directly or with subcontractor affiliated companies whose technicians have been personally trained by BevTeks.

Warranties & Service Plans

Wine dispensing systems are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty on defective parts, consumption parts not included; warranty starts from the date of your installation, no later than 60 days from delivery.

BevTeks provides a limited warranty upon installation including 30 days free of charge labor and 12 months unlimited technical phone support M-F 9 AM-5 P.M. After hours, weekends and holidays subject to additional service call fees.

Out of Warranty Service & Support: BevTeks provides preventative maintenance care program to extendthe longevity of your beverage equipment.

Out of Warranty Service and Support

In the event that your warranty has expired, BevTeks offers pre-paid PMCP and post-paid hourly repair services, technical phone support (hourly rate) and emergency services as needed.

Procedures for service: if you are in need of repair service, please contact BevTeks at 1-800-757-9041 or service@bevteks.com. Our agent will verify your warranty status based on the your installation certificate. When it is confirmed that your unit is out of warranty and if you wish to obtain service, a Customer Service Agent will require that you provide the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)

BevTeks requires an active credit card on file to charge service fees prior to scheduling service. Once the service estimate has been approved, our a technician will contact you to schedule your service.